Quick Throwback: Encouraging Words From A Colleague

I got in my first job 8 months ago and it’s a bit of an exciting yet weird experience for me that I got in there. I got hired but not into the position I was applying, rather I got into a job that is kind of complicated to handle –to be an EA.

When I got into the job that directly reports to the CEO, there’s a little bit of pride instilled in me; that proud moment when I felt so much trusted to handle impenetrable and complex tasks, it’s a big thing for me. But at the same time I was feeling anxious and asked myself why I accepted the job and do I really know what I’m getting into. But then I accepted it anyway because I know I can do it.

Getting into my job, I’ve gotten close to one of my workmates who later on I have so much respect on. He has helped me a lot from adjusting to studying anything and everything about the nature of the company’s business. I love how he’s got all the time and patience to teach me; it made me really motivated to do my job well.

But then he left (no, he did not die) a month later due to health issues. He had to rest himself from all the stress he got and that’s totally understandable. But it was a shock for me cause of all the people in that workplace, he’s the only person I get comfortable being with. Well I guess we just have the same brainwaves.

And so he left me with these encouraging words. Whenever I feel unmotivated or unsatisfied with what I do, I just read his encouraging letter to me. It’s simple yet I know the words are straight from the heart.

Hello Len,

I want to express my appreciation that you are part of CSI family now and shall have the most exciting, weird, substantial and complicated experiences that shall mold your skills, learning and character as a whole being [as a] professional and expert in human behavior art work.

I know that you have abundance in heart the best goal to learn and grow as a person and as a professional. I[‘ve] always advised you that it is the best place to learn fast. I appreciate the courage and strength that you have invested and still investing to cope up and learn fast as you [can in your] first ever professional work.

Always remember, regardless wherever you are working, things will always be complicated and continuously be complicated, but remember that when you feel [like] that is becoming one, do not be frustrated or burden but instead continue to feel grateful because, it is the only sign and manifestation that you are maturing, learning up for a new and higher learning and experience and that you have graduated from the current level of your life and honed to move higher.

I always knew that you are gifted with so many ways and skills, but it is still up to you how you are going to use these skills of yours at your advantage and success. I apologize that I will not be there to guide you anymore but you can always consult me when you need a third party support.

Never doubt yourself, cause sometimes I can feel that in you that you do, just always raise your flag and go for the test of time. You are a lot smarter than you think. But remember, that BEING SMART IS FAR DIFFERENT FROM BEING INTELLECTUAL, so therefore DO NOT INTELLECTUALIZE everything because when you do, that is the time that you shall make mistakes.

Think always with the intention to learn and accomplish a task, do not think only because you need to do something that is new or strange for you. Thinking and asking the right questions are the best tools that one acquires but not used properly. Be organized and you shall never go wrong.

Always reward yourself with small gifts whenever you accomplish something because it’s the benchmark of your success. Likewise, reward yourself when you fail something for it is the benchmark of your growth. Be afraid if your[‘re] start[ing] to not feeling anymore of what I have mentioned because it’s the benchmark of your uselessness.

I shall continue to pray for you and I know that you shall succeed with your time with CSI. The company is your biggest avenue to learn, believe me because I[‘ve] experienced it all and I left with much appreciation of myself and what I can do to which a lot of people there still do not get how I was able to do what I did at work.

Merry Christmas and God bless my little sister.


Ed Corbe

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 9.22.10 PM

Even though I’m already out of the company too for some important, valid reason, I still read this letter to keep me motivated in anything that I do. It’s a reminder for me that there’s someone out there who believes in my capability as a person whenever I feel inadequate as a pro. And that keeps me on the go.

Thanks, Ed. You are very much appreciated and won’t ever forget you. You are one of the best people I know in my yuppie life.


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