What I’ll Miss About This Summer

Two months of being away from home, 2 months of undying fun and excitement, 2 months of dealing with crazy, nerve-wrecking Colorado weather, 2 months of serving people, 2 months of intense God-time, 2-months of being with “strangers” and 2 months of building relationships and encouraging one another –this is what GSP is to me. This summer has been a blast, and I can’t actually believe that this 8-week program is over. Time flies so fast when you get to enjoy the things that are happening to us. And now that we are about to go back to our respective countries, it’s hard for us to bid goodbyes to one another. But it’s even harder to forget the memories (who would even dare try to?) we’ve had this summer.

There are so many memories here at the Glen that I will always treasure in my heart as long as I don’t get to get dementia. I’ll surely miss:

  • Kelli’s sweet smile and adventurous personality, and as well as how she speaks 😉
  • Karlina’s fashionable outfits every nightly meetings and her accessories (I love ’em)
  • Miki’s “Oh, fun!” and her super cute cheeks, and her sweet surprising hugs and of course her love in art
  • Lisa’s “I’m sorry! Don’t tickle me”, “Hai!” and never-ending laughter every time she’s with people.
  • Angie’s angelic eyes and crazy personality when you get goofy with her (I wish I could take you in my suitcase though hahaha)
  • Kimberly’s love for music and excitement for moose and, crazy side and nightly walks and star gazing at the Glen with Deanna.
  • Abisayo’s “really?! Seriously?!” when she doesn’t seem to understand a person or a situation (hahaha)
  • Julie’s servanthood and a motherly personality. What a darling.
  • Charlotte’s outgoing personality and thoughtfulness to others and her “bunny” game!
  • Elikem’s laughter when she gets to hear my jokes. I feel loved when she appreciates them.
  • Sara’s eyebrows (which are my favorite) and her difficulty in breathing whenever she laughs. I always thought of calling 911 whenever I hear her laughing.
  • Fun moments and inside jokes with Otgoo! Oh my goodness I love this girl to the moon and back.
  • Gi and Lucas’s sweetness when they’re together. Their love for each other reminds me of God’s unconditional love (We love because He first loved us) and also her silliness and cute laughter
  • Vania’s baby cry and her touchy personality. At first I find them annoying but I learned to love them that I’d get to copy them and do it with other people. I love you that much, Vania. Hahaha. Oh, also I’d get to miss her favorite question to people, “So what promises do you claim in your Christian life?”
  • My high and low moments with Deanna and her funny Canadian stories. I thank God for her when I can just be myself when I’m with her. I really appreciate it.
  • KK’s laughter. When you get to read this, just ask me how she laughs and I can perform it to you. Kidding aside, I’ll miss her sweetness and sensitivity whenever I get to be silent.
  • Batti’s thoughtfulness. Thanks so much for taking care of me by bringing food to my room whenever I’m sick.  I’ll also miss her beautiful voice that I’d get to hear every single day in our room.
  • Naomi’s surprise hugs and kisses and funny stories that she laughs hard first before she tells you about it. I’ll never get bored whenever I’m with her. “Does it make sense?”
  • Margaret’s thoughtfulness, sincerity and availability. I’ll never forget the day you’ve comforted me when I was homesick in our first week. I really appreciate it.
  • Cammie’s mannerism of rubbing people’s backs, her questions that’ll make you reflect and cry eventually, her generosity and servanthood.
  • Nzilani’s assertive yet loving personality. I love it when she’s always direct to the point. I’m also gonna miss her appreciation to my hair. I feel so loved.
  • Zuugii’s outgoing personality and concern to people. She’s everybody’s bestfriend.
  • Edith’s loud voice that’d get me really awake and
  • Emi’s gentleness and optimistic attitude in life. I wonder how she sleeps at night with Edith.
  • Natalie’s hugs and concern. She’s such a sweet girl and;
  • Lisa Sandquist’s love for all of us GSP-ers and for being our mom for the summer.

Well also I’d never forget

  • Muli’s love for yoghurt, his witty and silly jokes. I feel so comfortable whenever I’m with him. “Oh my goodness!”
  • Ricardo’s love for killing people. Just kidding. I’ll miss his care for people and medical skills. Talk about stitching Bryce’s arm and healing other GSP-ers. You’re gonna be a great doctor.
  • Bryce’s incredible voice and his fandom for One Direction.
  • Widianto’s TMI moments and his whole being because he reminds me of a friend. 🙂
  • Lucas’s love for Gi, for being such a gentleman and his caring and heart for serving people.
  • Mark’s devotional, Romans 8:1. (Hi, Otgoo!) And also his dance and made-up reason “Painting the dog.”
  • Andreas’s sincerity, loving voice and leadership. I’m also gonna miss Klaus. 😉
  • Pablo’s openness and laughter and our craziness together when we imitate people. :))
  • Toar’s waxed hair and his friendliness.
  • Jean’s “How are you today?” questions which always make my day.
  • Clement’s “Burkina!” and laughter when he talks with Jean. I just love them talk in French even though I don’t understand. It makes me real happy.
  • Joe’s weird taste in everything and his camera of course. Hahahaha
  • Owen’s “So! How’s it going?” and his sweetness. I also appreciate his sensitivity and care for others.
  • Jonathan’s card tricks and random yellings of Korlekuor’s name and other things (for the win). And also his duct tape and
  • Dan’s friendly personality, witty jokes and “observations”. You know it, Dan. Lol.
  • And most importantly, I won’t forget Shannon’s announcements. 😉

One thing that I won’t forget about these people is their love for God and people around them. Leaving this utopic community may be hard but the real training starts from here—the challenge of being able to share His love and faithfulness to others. Thanks y’all for sharing your lives and for encouraging one another to keep the faith and to stand firm for what we believe in. I hope and pray that He’d make us channels of blessings to other people around us and that whenever people would see us, they’d get to remember God’s love through our lives.

Saying goodbye is mainstream and (I think) not appropriate in here. It’s better to say, “See you later!”

Till we meet again, friends! 😀

GSP 2014 Group Photo


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