Hidden Desire

Hidden Desire

So it all started as a hidden desire. Pinangarap (yes pangarap talaga eh no) ko, or say, binulong ko sa Kanya yung gusto kong gawin after graduation. When I was grad-waiting, I felt all the unnecessary stress that a graduating college student shouldn’t be feeling at that time. A normal graduating student should be enjoying his last days in college with friends and buddies and, if grateful enough, spend time with their favorite instructors. But as for me, it went the other way around: My barkada kind of split-up when something ‘terrible and traumatic’ happened sometime in October. I had to control my tongue or it may be used against me. I had to be with 2 of my very close and trusted friends most of the time, and other introvert shiz that you can imagine. My last days of college life weren’t as fun as I’ve ever thought that I’ve become quite…sad. So, that’s when I had this desire of going to a place that no one knows me, to be able to spend alone and experience real tranquility myself. 🙂


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